Net Medical Launches Home Telemedicine Through New Incubator Company

As a leader in the telemedicine field, Net Medical will provide Infinity Home Healthcare with physician coverage, networking and technical resources to offer patients flexible, affordable home health care services using the latest advancements in telemedicine technology. Home telemedicine is the future of the medical industry. Net Medical is proud to offer cutting-edge adaptive solutions to patients in rural areas through Infinity Home Healthcare.” About Infinity Home Healthcare Infinity Home Healthcare, LLC is a New Mexico licensed home health agency that provides traditional home health services. In addition, Infinity in collaboration with Net Medical can now facilitate home-based telemedicine encounters between patients and physicians including specialists thus providing access in rural areas that has heretofore been unavailable. This same cooperative relationship of technology and Infinity’s acute care registered nurses will also provide hospitals with a full service component to address the burgeoning issue of chronic heart failure, AMI and pneumonia patient readmissions within 30 days of their discharge, thereby saving thousands of dollars and avoiding CMS imposed fines. For more information, visit or contact Gary Gonzales, CEO, at 505-639-8643 or . About Net Medical Net Medical is a medical services company that provides clinical and diagnostic programs using advanced telemedicine solutions. The Company also develops FDA 510k-cleared and all-inclusive PACS products within the preventative, comprehensive, and critical healthcare segments. For more information, visit or or contact Dick Govatski, president and CEO, at 505-255-1999 or . An investment profile on Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. may be found at .

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Royal Cornwall Hospital rheumatism specialists help African patients

Main image for Mount Batten Centre

The trio made their first trip to Kenya in March last year to run the UWEZO Musculoskeletal Health Training Project raising awareness among clinical officers, nurses and other community based health workers and giving them the basic skills in diagnosis and referrals. The team are now gearing up to go back to Kenya in August for the second course, which will also feature a self-management programme for patients. Junior Kayak Club Junior Kayak Club. 6 evening sessions starting from Thursday 1st August 17.30 20.30. Ages 8 – 16,no previous experience required. 75 per person. Please call 01752 404567 or enquiries@mount-batten Terms: standard MBC terms and conditions apply. voucher must be present at point of sale Contact: 01752 404567 Valid until: Saturday, August 31 2013 The project is a joint initiative with the Swedish Rheumatology Association, the Kenyan Rheumatology Association and the University of Nairobi. Funding has come from the International League of Associations for Rheumatology (ILAR), Cornwall Arthritis Trust and The Rotary Club in Falmouth. The week-long course attracts medical personnel from all over Kenya. Professor Woolf said: We have participants from 11 different regions and we train them to become musculoskeletal health trainers. Once they are certified they then work as a team in their region to train community health providers who are usually the first point of contact for patients. So far our trainers have gone on to train 400 people in eight regions. For us meeting these patients was a bit like going back to the 1950s here. There were people who had lost the use of joints and were bed bound because they had never had treatment or it had come too late. The team have so far been fortunate with their funding and donations of equipment have also helped. OT equipment was provided and Bristol company Limbs & Things provided 12 model limbs which will be used in August to demonstrate how to inject into joints.

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