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Canadian Specialist Hospital conducts medical check-ups for Dubai Duty Free employeesFree

During the check ups.

These rules are detailed in the apps FAQ. And if a doctor accidentally uploads a face, the app has a face-detection algorithm that blocks it. The Figure 1 app comes with consent forms that patients can sign on their smartphone. And tools make it easy to anonymize an image. If you take a picture of an X-ray and theres a name in the corner, just draw your finger across it. You can also use one of the tools to annotate, and weve also got an arrow you can use to indicate the site of interest, said Landy. Some users have described Figure 1 as an Instagram for the medical community, but Landy, who is passionate about medical education and technology, prefers to think of it as more of a Wikipedia model. This is medical education. Its not diagnostic, its educational. That means the app is not designed as a utility, but rather as a way to share knowledge. It works really well, said David Maslove, a critical care specialist in the Toronto area with an interest in biomedical informatics, who beta-tested Figure 1. Theres a general interest among physicians to share things, thats the nature of our training and the way we learn. Increasingly we share things online or though mobile devices especially when we see something unusual that would make a good exemplar. It took less than two months to build the app, but many more months of due diligence, especially on the legal and privacy fronts. For now, Figure 1 is only available in North America and only for iPhones. But the team is working on a web platform for desktops and also one for the Android platform. Its hoped that both will be available later this year.

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Wendy Levinson, a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto who worked on the Choosing Wisely campaign in the U.S. Levinson, who chairs Choosing Wisely Canada, said society has built an underlying belief that more is better. But when you talk about not ordering a test . . . Canadians can think this is about rationing, said Levinson. This is not about cost-cutting. Its about changing the culture and starting to talk about overuse and waste and harm. I dont think patients really appreciate that when they ask for a CT scan or imaging, thats unnecessary X-ray radiation. Or drugs that can cause side effects. Levinson hopes to launch the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign next spring, with the first lists of potentially overused or harmful tests and procedures in hand. The Ontario government has already replaced funding for annual checkups with periodic health visits and cut money for what it called unnecessary X-rays, MRIs or CT scans of the lower back when there are no suspected or known problems such as tumours or osteoporosis. We value respectful and thoughtful discussion.

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Canadian doctors to tackle unnecessary medical tests

Nagi El Saghir elected as Chair of the… Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH), one of the largest private hospitals in Dubai catering to the tertiary health care needs of the Middle East, conducted free medical check-ups today, for the employees of Dubai Duty Free (DDF), living in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The event, attended by over 200 people, was held in one of the residential clusters occupied by the employees of DDF. In addition to the health check-ups, staff of DDF also benefited from a free consultation with the General Practitioner from the hospital. The medical tests conducted by the CSH team included: Blood Pressure Blood Sugar Cholesterol Dr Hayder Al Zubaidy, CEO of CSH said, “The initiative undertaken with the Dubai Duty Free coincides with our mission to contribute towards a better and healthier UAE , by frequently organizing campaigns that create awareness around many of the serious and growing health concerns in the UAE . We share a vision of a healthy life for everyone with the DDF and various other government and private organizations, which is why we hold these periodical health drives. At CSH, we always stand for going beyond routine and traditional medical services, and I would like to thank my team for implementing this so well.” The event was a part of the hospital’s periodical health drives with various government organizations, which aims to ensure the upgrading of medical services and to improve the overall health aspect in the country. During the check ups. Disclaimer Articles in this section are primarily provided directly by the companies appearing or PR agencies which are solely responsible for the content. The companies concerned may use the above content on their respective web sites provided they link back to Any opinions, advice, statements, offers or other information expressed in this section of the Web site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mediaquest FZ LLC. Mediaquest FZ LLC is not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy or reliability of any material, advice, opinion or statement in this section of the Web site. For details about submitting your stories, please read the guide – all content published is subject to our terms and conditions Accept

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