Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 1 Australia

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Today, I invite you all for a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ as we explore what Doctor Who means to Australia, by investigating the Australian roots present in the history of Doctor Who, the celebrations planned for the 50th Anniversary and finally how Australians share an amazing passion with Whovians all over the world. An Unearthly Aussie In many understated ways Australians have had many links to the series from its origins. One extremely major link into the heart of the TARDIS lies directly behind the scenes of the first episode. The golden legacy of Doctor Who started on the 23rd of November 1963 when An Unearthly Child aired on the British television channel BBC1. This, the first ever Doctor Who story, was written by Australian-born writer Anthony Coburn. Aside from writing the first episode, it is also believed to have been Coburns idea for the TARDIS to externally resemble a police box, the thought apparently having come to him after taking a walk near his office and spotting such a box on the street. It was also his idea for the Doctors travelling companion, Susan, to be his granddaughter, as he was disturbed by the possible sexual connotations of an old man travelling with an unrelated teenager. WOW indeed! What an Unearthly Aussie! Aside from Anthony, many other Australians have had major roles in the upbringing of Doctor Who. It wasnt only An Unearthly Child that debuted on the 23rd of November, but also the famous music that would accompany every Doctor Who episode for the next 50 years and beyond the Doctor Who theme song, which in its most original version was written by Australian musician Ron Grainer. His music has gone on to inspire the likes of Who legends Courtney Pine and Murray Gold.

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Australian ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Gear up for 50th Anniversary Special

our editor recommends BBC Plans Live ‘Doctor Who’ Afterparty Show for Anniversary After a raft of events in recent months, fans’ excitement is set to culminate on Sunday when the BBC will offer a global simulcast of The Day of the Doctor, the anniversary special that will air here on the national broadcaster’s flagship channel, ABC 1. The show is set for 6:50 a.m. Australian Eastern standard time. VIDEO: ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Special Releases Two Trailers (Video) Sundays live broadcast of the 50th anniversary special — which will be simulcast in around 75 countries worldwide — will be augmented by 3D screenings at over 90 cinemas nationally, a repeat of the special in Sunday primetime on ABC followed by historical special Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time. BBC Worldwide said that demand for the cinema screenings of the special at some Aussie cinemas is outstripping demand for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire tickets, which opened on Thursday and has the second-largest opening day figure for this year behind Iron Man 3. PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’ at 50: Peter Capaldi and the 12 Men Who’ve Played the Doctor Meanwhile, a Doctor Who marathon will air over the weekend on BBC Worldwides Australian general entertainment pay TV channel UKTV. The Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) has been the BBCs partner, broadcasting Doctor Who for all of its 50 years here, and the iconic series has a significant fan base of Whovians” of all generations down under. Tapping into that fan base, BBC Worldwide has run a number of off-air activities around the anniversary this year, including pop-up shops in Sydney and Brisbane selling exclusive Doctor Who merchandise, as well as an online store, symphony concerts in early 2014 in Melbourne and Queensland based on recent Doctor Who 50th concerts in the U.K., an AUS$2 Doctor Who coin minted at the New Zealand Mint and the Perth Mint, which are legal tender in the South Pacific island nation of Nuie, as well as an exhibition at the ABCs headquarters in Sydney running since August and until January. There is even a pop-up digital radio station on ABC Radio, which will operate on Sunday straight after The Day of the Doctor and continue until midnight on Saturday, Nov. 30. It will feature fan reactions to the special, interviews, profiles, panel discussions and Doctor Who-inspired comedy and music.

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