Physician-assisted Suicide Remains Illegal In Canada

The answer is shrouded in grey. Theres no clarity, Cohen says. The law says you cant assist an individual in the dying process or in hastening their death. But what does that mean? Does that mean you cant have a conversation with them on this topic? Does it mean you must implement treatments you know are futile or continue all treatment previously initiated? Does it mean that you are liable if an individual discloses a plan to end their life and you dont try to prevent them? She doesnt know. Now the senior medical adviser for the U.S. right-to-die group Final Exit Network, MacDonald claims involvement in nearly 200 death hastenings across North American over the past 15 years. When he graduated from the University of Alberta in 1952, there was no prohibition against helping patients to die peacefully when they were close to the end, he says. That changed in the 1970s, when helping end a life became controversial. It never made sense to him.

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Physicians get paid well, but jobs may be hard to come by

An average of $325,103. Anesthesiology requires an “ability to perform under pressure, to think quickly in stressful situations, to use your hands and to work in a team.” Anesthesiologists work in operating rooms, intensive care units, maternity wards and pain clinics. In 2011/12, they grossed, on average, $338,355. The revised specialty profiles come on the heels of an unprecedented job crunch in a growing number of specialties. According to a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada employment survey in 2013, 16 per cent of new specialists and sub-specialists reported being unable to secure employment, compared to 7.1 per cent of all Canadians. It’s a situation once unheard of, says Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, president of the CMA. Several factors are driving the unemployment and underemployment rate among doctors. New doctors are competing for fewer resources, the college says. Hospitals are cutting beds and operating room time. In addition, many older doctors are postponing retirement because of a relatively weak stock market.

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