Ftc Challenges Acquisition Of Physician Group By Boise Health System

Ruling allows physician aid-in-dying in New Mexico

New Mexico is now the fifth state to allow physician aid-in-dying. (Source: KOB/NBC)

I believe that theres a sense in the industry that this is really required by healthcare reform, said Grimes. With the new methods of payment and all of the various changes that are going into effect, that they only way they can deal with that is by consolidating with other providers. But that isnt necessarily the only path, Grimes said. Other organizations around the country have created partnerships with physicians and other providers that do not require acquisition. St. Luke’s acknowledged that a hybrid model in this case could work. With the FTC having said that it will be carefully watching the healthcare industry for antitrust concerns, hospitals and physicians need to be extra cautious about consolidating. The FTC historically has been more aggressive about challenging horizontal deals hospital to hospitals, said Jeffrey Jacobovitz, a litigation partner at Arnall Golden Gregory and co-chair of the firms antitrust group, but this case, one of the first hospital-physician mergers the FTC has challenged, may indicate that the FTC is broadening its watchfulness. Jacobovitz, a former FTC attorney, said the governmental agency may even begin retrospective reviews of hospital-physician deals to make sure antitrust regulations are not being violated. This case and the increased interest by the FTC in hospital-physician integration should make these entities more cautious as they consider merging, said Jacobovitz. You have to make sure you calculate what your market shares are before you start the expensive proposition of going forward with the merger and then you have to decide whether you would risk it and whether the government would challenge it, and you know, if you take it to trial, its possible youre going to prevail but thats an expensive proposition. The expense Saltzer, in particular, is facing if U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill rules to unravel the deal, is potentially insurmountable said John Kaiser.

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Physician Resource Management Announces Emily Mackler as Senior Director Clinical Pharmacy Initiatives

(Source: KOB/NBC) NBC News StoriesNBC News Stories More>> Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014 2:14 PM EST2014-01-14 19:14:17 GMT In a landmark ruling, a New Mexico judge rules that people can get help from their doctor to end their life. More >> In a landmark ruling, a New Mexico judge rules that people can get help from their doctor to end their life. More >> Monday, January 13 2014 10:22 PM EST2014-01-14 03:22:46 GMT Historic cold sent many sea turtles into shock. More >> Historic cold sent many sea turtles into shock. More >> Updated: Monday, January 13 2014 10:21 PM EST2014-01-14 03:21:42 GMT (WHDH/NBC) – Before Owen Sheridan was born, his mother was told he wasn’t going to survive. Four weeks ago he was born, albeit with a 7-pound growth on his head. The growth, called anencephaly, was actually More >> Before Owen Sheridan was born, his mother was told he wasn’t going to survive. More >> Monday, January 13 2014 7:43 PM EST2014-01-14 00:43:09 GMT A lost snowboarder was rescued after a frigid night in the Utah mountains. More >> A lost snowboarder was rescued after a frigid night in the Utah mountains. More >> Updated: Sunday, January 12 2014 5:00 PM EST2014-01-12 22:00:19 GMT (NBC News) – New research shows how much the great recession changed the way many Americans now view their retirement. “Thirty seven percent this year said they don’t plan on retiring. They think they’re More >> The recession led many to take a more realistic look at their current financial picture. More >> (KOB/NBC) A New Mexico district court judge ruled Monday that doctors will not be prosecuted for helping terminally ill patients end their lives. New Mexico is now the fifth state in the nation to allow physician aid-in-dying, which allows doctors to prescribe pills that would speed up and ease the dying process. The case was brought by a doctor and patient who sued the state for the right. Assisting with suicide is a fourth degree felony in the state, but an Albuquerque doctor argued that “physician aid-in-dying” is not the same thing as “assisted suicide.” Copyright 2014 KOB via NBC.

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Mackler has developed a nationally recognized presence in clinical oncology. Most recently, she served as a clinical pharmacist in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Michigan. Her experience in participating in the development of symptom management, supportive care programs, and ambulatory oncology initiatives brings a wealth of knowledge to PRM. Emily is an accomplished researcher with a comprehensive portfolio of publications and presentations on the management of oral chemotherapy spanning the continuum from prescribing, to adherence programs, and symptom management. Additionally, she has extensive experience investigating patient outcomes and teaching oncology pharmacotherapeutics. In her new role, Ms. Mackler will work with Dr. Blayney on the development of evidence based, clinical programs. aEmily has made remarkable achievements at a very early point in her career. Her significant contributions to the understanding of oral chemotherapies is of enormous importance and I very much look forward to working alongside her,a said Dr. Douglas Blayney M.D., Senior Medical Advisor, PRM. Emily received her Pharm.D. from Drake University in 2000. Her desire to specialize in oncology clinical practice brought her to University Hospital in Cincinnati, OH for residency training.

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