Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 1 Australia


It wasnt only An Unearthly Child that debuted on the 23rd of November, but also the famous music that would accompany every Doctor Who episode for the next 50 years and beyond the Doctor Who theme song, which in its most original version was written by Australian musician Ron Grainer. His music has gone on to inspire the likes of Who legends Courtney Pine and Murray Gold. Australia also is home to classic series companion Tegan Jovanka, played by Aussie actress Janet Fielding. So, so far, what can we attribute to an Aussie?? The script of the first televised episode The relationship between the Doctor and his very first companion The Police Box exterior of the TARDIS And the historic Doctor Who theme song! Outside the production itself, the Australian Broadcasting Company (or the ABC for short), which is still the current primary channel for Doctor Who airing in Australia, was one of the first and longest term purchasers of the series from the BBC from its beginning, initially planning to screen the series in May 1964, within months of the UK premiere. The ABC later put up production money for an anniversary special The Five Doctors. Although a Doctor Who story has never been filmed in Australia, there have been many references to the great land down under! From the Fourth Doctor meeting Aussie opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, to the Second Doctor briefly visiting before being captured on the shores of an Australian beach in The Enemy of the World, to even Amy Pond suggesting the Australian Outback as a possible place for the Silurians to live in Cold Blood Australia is no stranger to being mentioned in Doctor Who scripts! Who knows maybe an Australian adventure may be on the cards for Series 8!!! (See what I did there Who knows) Classic Australian humour.

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