Carroll County Gastroenterology Selects Benchmark For Practice Management Solution

CORPAK Acquires Merck Serono’s UK Gastroenterology Sales and Distribution Operation

The practice will be able to manage the front and back office operations with increased efficiency while experiencing little to no change to their current workflow. Benchmarks easy to use Internet accessible medical software allows gastroenterology practices the ability to quickly enter comprehensive data and securely store patient records at a HIPAA secure hosting facility. The practice management software integrates seamlessly with Advanced Scheduling which will give Carol County Gastroenterology the ability to maximize efficiency while improving patient care and satisfaction. Dr. Bowens staff will be able to modify Benchmarks comprehensive scheduling options to fit their individual practice dynamics and make the most of their critical assets. Benchmark is committed to delivering the most advanced software and services in the industry. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Carroll County Gastroenterology for years to come, stated Ernie Chastain, Vice-President of Benchmark Systems, We also look forward to providing the same reliable support to other healthcare providers in the state of New Hampshire. About Carroll County Gastroenterology Carroll County Gastroenterology Center has been offering a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire since 1999. Dr. Michael R. Bowen, who is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, treats patients with a wide range of digestive symptoms and disorders. Carroll County Gastroenterology also offers a licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center providing professional care such as colonoscopies, upper endoscopies, liver biopsys and infusion therapies. For additional information go online to About Benchmark Systems Inc. Benchmark is a leading Internet based provider of fully integrated solutions that automates all of the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers. Benchmark offers seamless integrated Patient Portals, Personal Health Records, Scheduling, EMR, Billing, Messaging, Fax, CPOE, Rx Scripting, and Revenue Cycle Management at an affordable monthly fee.

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Merck Serono had previously served as CORPAK’s distribution partner for the region. “The acquisition of the Merck Serono gastroenterology business strengthens our presence in Europe and our direct operation will support high levels of customer service and continued growth,” says Tom Kuhn, President of CORPAK. “I would like to thank the employees at Merck Serono for their support in building the CORPAK business in the UK and Republic of Ireland.” “The gastroenterology business is a strong and growing operation in the UK and Ireland, but Merck Serono has made a strategic decision to focus on our core pharmaceutical business,” explains Charles Dring, Commercial Director of Merck Serono Limited. “We have been working very closely with CORPAK to make the transition as seamless as possible for our customers.” There will be no change to the product range and all CORPAK products will continue to be available on the current codes and prices. The acquisition keeps relationships with existing sub-distributors unchanged. “We are especially pleased to be able to welcome the gastroenterology employees from Merck Serono to the CORPAK family,” says Jeff Blair, CEO of CORPAK. “We are confident that the UK and Ireland team will continue the history of excellence and dedication that has benefitted our customers in the past.” “This acquisition represents an important step in expanding our international presence and we look forward to continuing to provide our innovative, quality products to the European market,” added Eric Larson, Chairman of the CORPAK Board. CORPAK MedSystems UK ( ) Tel: +44 (0) 129 380 4769 Fax: +44 (0) 129 380 4770 E-mail: About CORPAK MedSystems, Inc. ( ) CORPAK MedSystems, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative medical devices focused on the enteral-feeding and bedside-location markets, including the company’s flagship CORTRAK computer-guided system that enables real-time visualization of the feeding-tube tip during placement. The company has established the leading market position in premium branded, adult, long-term nasogastric feeding tubes and offers a broad portfolio of other high-quality enteral products, including gastrostomy feeding tubes, gastric-pressure relief devices, and enteral-feeding safety devices. Founded in 1979, CORPAK was acquired by Linden Capital Partners in August 2008 from Cardinal Health. The company has recently moved to a new state-of-the-art facility just north of Chicago in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Mergers, Acquisitions & Takeovers

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1 In 6 New Medical Specialists Say They Can’t Find Work

So, you want to be a doctor? Facing a job crunch, Canadian Medical Association updates profiles of specialties

Urologists, critical care specialists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons, and doctors from other sub-specialties were among those who said they were unemployed. The report’s authors said there were three main drivers: More physicians competing for fewer resources such as operating rooms and hospital beds at the same time that relatively weak stock market performance meant many specialists were delaying their retirement. Slower job growth for specialists as the health-care system in some cases substitutes other health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants for physicians. Established specialists may also be reluctant to share resources such as operating room time. Lack of adequate career counselling and personal choices about type and location of practice when new graduates have family responsibilities (spousal employment, caring for children or elderly parents) that make it harder to move to job opportunities. Half of respondents in 2012 said they hadn’t received any careercounselling. Dr. Christine Herman is a recently trained cardiac surgeon. She is like about 31 per cent of new specialists who said they chose not to enter the job market but instead pursued more training, which they hoped would make them more employable. Herman said medical schools and the provinces and territories need to do a better job of workforce planning. “I think that the training programs aren’t in sync with the needs that are out there,” Herman said. “Long-term planning, committee planning for job availability is needed.” Steven Lewis, a health policy consultant based in Saskatchewan who was not involved in the study, thinks the situation willworsen. “I think that there is no question that … almost doubling medical school enrolments since the late 1990s combined with easier paths to licensure for international medical grads was the wrong thing to do.

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Surgical team in operating room

The profiles include special skills required, average number of hours worked per week, including on-call hours, satisfactionAwith work/life balance and average expected income. Here are some extracts: Want to be an emergency doctor? This high-pressure, fast-paced job requires Aaphysical and emotional toughness, confidence, composurea and an ability ato treat patients of all ages and a nearly infinite variety of conditions and degrees of illnessa aAoften before even being sure of the diagnosis. Gross take home pay? An average of $325,103. Anesthesiology requires an aability to perform under pressure, to think quickly in stressful situations, to use your hands and to work in a team.a Anesthesiologists work in operating rooms, intensive care units, maternity wards and pain clinics. In 2011/12, they grossed, on average, $338,355. The revised specialtyAprofilesAcome on the heels of an unprecedented Ajob crunch in a growing number of specialties. AAccording to a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada employment survey in 2013, 16 per cent of newAspecialists and sub-specialists reported being unable to secure employment, compared to 7.1 per cent of all Canadians. Itas a situation once unheard of, says Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, president of the CMA. Several factors are driving the unemployment and under-employment rate among doctors. New doctors are competing for fewer resources, the college says. Hospitals are cutting beds and operating room time.

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Canadian Beauty College trains skin care specialists

Skin covers everyone and is subject to exposure to the elements from the suns powerful UV rays to dry winter winds and harsh rains. Nor surprising that the skin needs regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to properly care for their own skin. Beyond purchasing moisturizing lotion and applying sun screen, most people are at a loss when it comes to caring for their skin and the skin of their family members. Fortunately, there are skin care specialists available to help people properly care for their skin from head to toe. Related Stories Canadian Beauty College The Canadian Beauty College based in Vaughan, Ontario trains people on how to be professional skin care specialists adept at helping people deal with any number of diseases, ailments and problems. With multiple campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, the Canadian Beauty College teaches its students how to properly care for skin and prepares them for careers at dermatology clinics, skin care clinics and wellness centres as well as at spas and salons. From facials to back treatments, the students enrolled in the skin care program at the Canadian Beauty College learn how to successfully care for and treat skin. The school is careful to follow health and safety practices set by the Ministry of Health ensuring that its students act as true healthcare providers. People who want to make a difference and participate in the healthcare field should contact the Canadian Beauty College about their Skin Care Specialist Certificate. Applicants must have graduated from high school or be a mature student. Personal interviews will be conducted to determine each candidates suitability for the program. To learn more, please contact the Canadian Beauty College at 905-760-0003 or check out the school online at: |

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Canadian Patients Wait Longest To See Family Doctors

Long wait for doctors in Canada

Brantford, Ont., resident Richard Kinsella said he had trouble finding a family doctor when he moved to the city east of Hamilton 15 months ago. Kinsella said people in Brantford commonly turn to the emergency department. “The emergency, I’ve been twice, and I was there waiting over six hours.” Family physician Dr. Nandini Sathi’s practice is now able to see more patients within 48 hours of when they call. (CBC) People in the U.S. have quicker access to their family doctors, with48 per cent of those polled saying they could get a same-day or next-day appointment, ranking second last among the 11 countries. Germany was listed as first in how quickly residents saw their doctors, at 76 per cent, followed by New Zealand at 72 per cent. Many Canadians don’t have aregular doctor Dobrow said the report raises important questions about the wide variations among provinces in areas such as access to after-hours care, emergency department wait times, affordability of care, co-ordination among care providers, and uptake of screening programs. “Do we have the rights goals for our system? Are we looking at better health, better care, better value for all Canadians?” he said. In September, the council suggested that provinces pay attention to issues such as leadership, having theright types of policies, and legislation and capacity building. For example, overall resources in primary care could be increased by expanding scopes of practice of somehealth professionals and improving their interdisciplinary training. At Toronto’s Wellpoint Clinic, the physicians changed to an “open access” system, meaning patients no longer make appointments weeks in advance. Exceptions include people who need to prebook wheelchair transit services or a physical checkup. “As physicians, we were worried that we would become inundated with patients on a daily basis,” said family physician Dr. Nandini Sathi. “In fact, what’s happened it’s opened up a little bit more time throughout the day for patients who need to be seen.” Previously, a non-urgent patient may have had to wait up to 10 days or sometimes longer if a doctor was on vacation.

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Pregnant, brain-dead Canadian woman on life support

dylan and robyn benson

Please report any content that violates the terms. Pregnant, brain-dead Canadian woman on life support Melanie Eversley, USA TODAY 11:58 p.m. EST February 6, 2014 Doctors in Victoria, British Columbia, hope to deliver Robyn Benson’s baby in four weeks. Dylan and Robyn Benson before the 32-year-old pregnant wife was found unconconscious by her husband and later declared brain dead. (Photo: Courtesy Dylan Benson) Doctors declared Robyn Benson brain-dead after she was found unconscious in Dec. Hospital staff hopes to deliver the Bensons’ baby in four weeks by C-section Dylan Benson writes in his blog that ultrasounds show the baby is faring well SHARE 21 CONNECT 19 TWEET 8 COMMENTEMAILMORE Doctors in Canada are keeping alive a brain-dead woman until they can deliver her unborn child in four weeks. In a case similar to one that evolved recently in Texas, Robyn Benson of Victoria, British Columbia, was declared brain-dead after her husband found her collapsed on the bathroom floor on Dec. 28. As it turned out, Robyn Benson, 32, had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and damage was irreparable, according to the CBC. The next day, she was declared brain-dead. She was 22 weeks pregnant at the time. “At the hospital they discovered that my wife had a fluke random type of blood leak into the centre of her brain and that there was so much blood and damage that it is not reversible,” Dylan Benson, also 32, wrote Dec. 29 in his blog, . Doctors report that the baby who husband Dylan Benson plans to name Iver Cohen Benson is in good condition and Dylan Benson reports in his blog that Iver has a 60% to 80% chance of surviving the C-section doctors plan to perform. On Feb. 4, Dylan Benson wrote in his blog that hospital staff performed another ultrasound and matters were “looking good” for the baby and that Robyn Benson was “still holding on strong.” The case has stirred up some of the same issues that arose in the case of Marlise Munoz, 33, who was 14 weeks pregnant when her husband, Erick Munoz, found her unconscious on the kitchen floor Nov.

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Canadian doctors say fee cuts, pay inequalities will spur exodus


New technology makes them faster to carry out, but in many provinces the payment has stayed the same, resulting in something of a windfall for ophthalmologists. The reaction to the recommendations was swift. The losing specialties voiced outrage, predicting harm to patients and a mass flight out of the province. As had happened when B.C. and Alberta went through a similar process, nothing ever came of the report. Comparing Canada to other countries is tricky, given the different methods of paying doctors and varying costs of living. A 2009 report by the Organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD) tries to even it all out, relating doctor pay to each nations average worker salaries. It puts Canadian specialist doctors at 4.7 times the average wage, higher than all but Germany and Holland, with the U.K. at 2.6 times and France 3.2. The report does not include the U.S. Surprisingly, some figures suggest this country is now more generous. Ms. Matthews office cites statistics from the provincial Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and the MGMA Physician Compensation Survey in the States that indicate Ontario family doctors make $143,000 more on average than U.S.

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Rights Panel Pulls Up Doctors’ Association For Frequent Strikes

In a strongly-worded observation, the commission urged the state government to inform if any step had been taken to derecognize the organization and if it had has initiated any action against the organization leaders for violating human rights. Commission chairman Justice J B Koshy has asked the director of health services to submit an explanation in this regard before March 10 besides asking the KGMOA secretary to submit if the organization had any objection about the commission’s observation. The observation followed a strike called by doctors in the district over the suspension of two doctors from Neyyattinkara general hospital following the death of a patient, allegedly owing to wrong administration of a medicine. “The government should inform us what all action it has taken against the striking doctors,” Justice Koshy said. The commission observed that the strike by doctors was nothing but rights violation as health service is regarded as an essential service. The action against doctors followed a probe by an expert committee, it noted. “It is unlawful to claim that no action should be taken against doctors. It is also not justifiable to go on a strike against the decision of an expert committee that probed the incident. Government hospitals are the only solace for the common man,” Justice Koshy said. The KGMOA, meanwhile, said doctors had gone on strike without affecting the patient care. “We have never gone for a strike affecting patient care.

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As ObamaCare Brings Patients, Doctors Not Warm To Medicaid

Tetra Images/Getty Images/Brand X

cities. The surve y, by physician staffing and consulting fi rm MerrittHawkins s howedjust 45.7 percent Medicaid acceptance as the Affordable Care Act provides a cash infusion of more than $900 billion in federal dollars from this year to 2022 to expand Medicaid programs for states interested in the proposition. There are, howe ver, about two dozen states, with R epublican governors or GOP legislatures opposed to the expansion that have turned down the federal dollars. There is also separate federal funding to raise Medicaid payments for primary care doctors to the level of payments from the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly through this year. That means an average pay increase of 73 percent for eligible primary care doctors. Tetra Images/Getty Images/Brand X Its unclear exactly how many more doctors will see Medicaid patients under the enhanced payments, but Merritt Hawkins Hawkins analysts, citing their study, dont see Medicaid acceptance changing much in part because more people will have private coverage, which generally pays doctors more than Medicaid or Medicare. Medicaid is the worst and Medicare is not much better and neither are as good as commercial insurance, said Travis Singleton, senior vice president at Merritt Hawkins, a subsidiary of AMN Healthcare (AMN). Doctors, Singleton said, will cherry pick patients depending on what insurance they have. To think physicians are going to change their tune and start accepting patients, Singleton said. Its unlikely to happen. The Medicaid acceptance trend indicates it will take a lot to get doctors to open their doors to Medicaid patients. The average rate of acceptance among family physicians, dermatologists, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons and obstetrician/gynecologists in all 15 markets surveyed was 45.7 percent last year, according to data gathered from nearly 1,400 medical offices last year. The 2014 survey showed a drop from 55.4 percent acceptance in 2009, Merritt Hawkins said. In 2004, 49.9 percent of doctors surveyed accepted Medicaid patients. If Medicaid acceptance doesnt improve, it could impact choices of doctors for health plans that contract with the program. Major health insurance companies like Aetna Aetna (AET), Humana Humana (HUM), Centene (CNC), Wellpoint (WLP) and several Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans contract with states and the federal government to provide health benefits to Medicaid patients.


ConsumerWatch: Some Doctors Listed By Covered California Not Taking Coverage

The first thing I wanted to do was to get a primary care doctor, he told KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch. Venkatesh chose an Anthem plan specifically because the Covered California website said the plan had a variety of Stanford doctors near him. Except when I started going through the doctors, each one and calling them up, none of them actually accepted the Covered California plan, Venkatesh recalled. He then showed a three-page list of supposedly in-network doctors, but none accepted his insurance. Is it a case of false advertising? Anthem said it was a mistake and told KPIX 5, Like other insurers, (Anthem) will continue to double check its provider lists to improve accuracy. KPIX 5 went to Covered California to ask if the list is their responsibility. Dana Howard with the exchange said, Yes, it is our responsibility. However, we do not have an audit that goes on 24/7 to make sure that every bit of information is indeed accurate. Howard said if you signed up for a plan and its not what was advertised, there is still time to switch. Open enrollment continues until March 31st. He said switching insurers is a lengthy and complicated process that should not be attempted online. Enrollees must work with a customer service representative to avoid gaps in coverage. KPIX 5 asked Howard if there are inaccuracies on the website. Well, there may be, he said.

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Foreign Doctors’ Training Stepped Up, Says Gmc

David Gray

It will combine online training in British medical practices with a one-day course covering some of the key issues facing new arrivals. Continue reading the main story Start Quote The UK is still short of doctors and so we must ensure that those who come from overseas are given adequate support End Quote Dr Vivienne Nathanson BMA There will also be a review of the Performance and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test for overseas doctors. This is the system whereby doctors have to demonstrate their clinical skills and competence before they can join the medical register in the UK. The GMC said there is also a new system of checks – known as revalidation – that began this month. This requires all doctors in the UK to show they are keeping up to date and are fit to practise, based on an annual appraisal and feedback from patients, doctors, nurses and other colleagues. The UK is the first country in the world to introduce such a system across its whole healthcare system, the GMC said in a statement. The figures for disciplinary action were initially obtained in a Freedom of Information request to the GMC by the Sunday Telegraph . They show that in the last five years, there have been 669 doctors either struck off or suspended, and 420 of them were trained abroad. Dr Vivienne Nathanson, British Medical Association director of professional activities, said: “It is clear that doctors who have qualified overseas are more likely to be subject to disciplinary action. “However, more research is needed to understand why this is the case. The UK is still short of doctors and so we must ensure that those who come from overseas are given adequate support to be able to practise medicine in the UK. “It is critical that all doctors that work in the UK have appropriate clinical and communication skills as well as an understanding of UK law and culture and of how the NHS works.” ‘Shocking’ Julia Manning, chief executive of centre-right think tank 2020 Health, told the Telegraph the figures were “worrying and shocking” and said there was an urgent need to review the assessment of arriving doctors.

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