Rights Panel Pulls Up Doctors’ Association For Frequent Strikes

In a strongly-worded observation, the commission urged the state government to inform if any step had been taken to derecognize the organization and if it had has initiated any action against the organization leaders for violating human rights. Commission chairman Justice J B Koshy has asked the director of health services to submit an explanation in this regard before March 10 besides asking the KGMOA secretary to submit if the organization had any objection about the commission’s observation. The observation followed a strike called by doctors in the district over the suspension of two doctors from Neyyattinkara general hospital following the death of a patient, allegedly owing to wrong administration of a medicine. “The government should inform us what all action it has taken against the striking doctors,” Justice Koshy said. The commission observed that the strike by doctors was nothing but rights violation as health service is regarded as an essential service. The action against doctors followed a probe by an expert committee, it noted. “It is unlawful to claim that no action should be taken against doctors. It is also not justifiable to go on a strike against the decision of an expert committee that probed the incident. Government hospitals are the only solace for the common man,” Justice Koshy said. The KGMOA, meanwhile, said doctors had gone on strike without affecting the patient care. “We have never gone for a strike affecting patient care.

he said this http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/Rights-panel-pulls-up-doctors-association-for-frequent-strikes/articleshow/29872720.cms

As ObamaCare Brings Patients, Doctors Not Warm To Medicaid

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cities. The surve y, by physician staffing and consulting fi rm MerrittHawkins s howedjust 45.7 percent Medicaid acceptance as the Affordable Care Act provides a cash infusion of more than $900 billion in federal dollars from this year to 2022 to expand Medicaid programs for states interested in the proposition. There are, howe ver, about two dozen states, with R epublican governors or GOP legislatures opposed to the expansion that have turned down the federal dollars. There is also separate federal funding to raise Medicaid payments for primary care doctors to the level of payments from the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly through this year. That means an average pay increase of 73 percent for eligible primary care doctors. Tetra Images/Getty Images/Brand X Its unclear exactly how many more doctors will see Medicaid patients under the enhanced payments, but Merritt Hawkins Hawkins analysts, citing their study, dont see Medicaid acceptance changing much in part because more people will have private coverage, which generally pays doctors more than Medicaid or Medicare. Medicaid is the worst and Medicare is not much better and neither are as good as commercial insurance, said Travis Singleton, senior vice president at Merritt Hawkins, a subsidiary of AMN Healthcare (AMN). Doctors, Singleton said, will cherry pick patients depending on what insurance they have. To think physicians are going to change their tune and start accepting patients, Singleton said. Its unlikely to happen. The Medicaid acceptance trend indicates it will take a lot to get doctors to open their doors to Medicaid patients. The average rate of acceptance among family physicians, dermatologists, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons and obstetrician/gynecologists in all 15 markets surveyed was 45.7 percent last year, according to data gathered from nearly 1,400 medical offices last year. The 2014 survey showed a drop from 55.4 percent acceptance in 2009, Merritt Hawkins said. In 2004, 49.9 percent of doctors surveyed accepted Medicaid patients. If Medicaid acceptance doesnt improve, it could impact choices of doctors for health plans that contract with the program. Major health insurance companies like Aetna Aetna (AET), Humana Humana (HUM), Centene (CNC), Wellpoint (WLP) and several Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans contract with states and the federal government to provide health benefits to Medicaid patients.

understanding http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2014/02/01/as-obamacare-brings-patients-doctors-not-warm-to-medicaid/

ConsumerWatch: Some Doctors Listed By Covered California Not Taking Coverage

The first thing I wanted to do was to get a primary care doctor, he told KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch. Venkatesh chose an Anthem plan specifically because the Covered California website said the plan had a variety of Stanford doctors near him. Except when I started going through the doctors, each one and calling them up, none of them actually accepted the Covered California plan, Venkatesh recalled. He then showed a three-page list of supposedly in-network doctors, but none accepted his insurance. Is it a case of false advertising? Anthem said it was a mistake and told KPIX 5, Like other insurers, (Anthem) will continue to double check its provider lists to improve accuracy. KPIX 5 went to Covered California to ask if the list is their responsibility. Dana Howard with the exchange said, Yes, it is our responsibility. However, we do not have an audit that goes on 24/7 to make sure that every bit of information is indeed accurate. Howard said if you signed up for a plan and its not what was advertised, there is still time to switch. Open enrollment continues until March 31st. He said switching insurers is a lengthy and complicated process that should not be attempted online. Enrollees must work with a customer service representative to avoid gaps in coverage. KPIX 5 asked Howard if there are inaccuracies on the website. Well, there may be, he said.

my response http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/02/04/consumerwatch-some-doctors-listed-by-covered-california-not-taking-coverage/


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